Photo © 2017 CHOI+SHINE


2017  Marina Bay, Singapore


Jin Choi and Thomas Shine

Steel Fabrication : 

Modern Metal Solutions

Assembly Crew in Boston: 

Thomas Shine

Susie Kim 

Myungsu Ko

Yeseul Choi

Isabelle Lippincott

Hyokyung Lee 


Installation Crew in Singapore: 

Thomas Shine

Jin Choi

Young-eun Choi

Jaekyu Lee

SoYeong Ko


Hyosoo Lee

Structural Consultant:  

Árni Björn Jónasson, ARA Engineering

Installation Support: 

iLight Marina Bay


Jin Choi

Sophie Cho 

Hyokyung Lee 

Patti  Murphy 

JungHee Suh 

Kyula Whang

Miriam Robinson

Insuk Durham 

Mirto Golino 

Janet Griffin 

Nancy Belmudes-Gambill 

Dianna Smith 

Sandra Feldten 

Natalie Weichel 

Deidra DePagter Ball 

Sue Babbs 

Victoria Kruse 

Patty Foley 

Rose Nissen 

Peihan Orestes 

Jena Duncan 

Elida Fejzaj

Eunhye Kim 

Mijeong Takahashi 

Concetta Phillipps

Mary Blumestien 

Cheryl Blair 

Kelly Ran 

Corina Palmer 

Melinda Burnett

Nora Hill

Sara Gregory

Priscilla Alarcon

Paige Henderson

Renata Carvalho

Effy Basset

Nicole Ranta

Sammi Elliot

Helena Kang

Cindy Ralston

Jen Serwitz

Lillian Hughes

Heather Cap

Faith Taylor

Laura Finder

Lindsey Walsworth

Pam Bee-Lindgren

Priscilla Smith

Amiee Dill

Ashlee Deetz Schleicher

Coty Colson

The design development took about two and a half months.  It involved developing the pattern of the lace and supporting structure for fabrication.  

Most of original lace patterns is from Dilmond’s Needlepoint Made Lace published in 1890 and modified by Jin Choi to use crochet as a method of lace making instead of needlepoint.  She then invented the patterns of the urchins to create a desired form, and give each urchin the right amount or openness, texture and density.   

The fabrication and assembly of crochet surface and supporting structure took another two and a half months.  Crocheting the surface was a very labor intensive work, which involved 50 people all over the world.

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