Photo © 2016 Janus van den Eijnden


2016  Amsterdam Light Festival

Design: Jin Choi and Thomas Shine 

Crocheters: Jin Choi, Insuk Durham, Hyokyung Lee, Lara Pollack and Emma Lanctot Assembly 

Assistants: Miriam Robinson and Chessin Gurtler 

Structural Consultant:  Árni Björn Jónasson, ARA Engineering 

Technical Support: Jeroen Henstra, Amsterdam Light Festival

Photo © 2016  CHOI+SHINE

Photo © 2016 Janus van den Eijnden

Photo © 2016  CHOI+SHINE

The Lace was intended to be experienced differently during the day and night.

The Lace interacts with the water and daylight during the day: the daylight on rippled water makes glistening surface of the Lace and the reflection of the Lace makes the mirrored image on the water.

The glowing Lace against the dark sky and its ghosty reflection on the dark water creates a mirage, blurring spatial boundary between water and sky.  The shadow of the Lace on the building walls creates theatrical effect while the reflection of the Lace on the dark windows makes unexpected juxtaposition.

Photo © 2016  CHOI+SHINE

Photo © 2016  CHOI+SHINE

© 2016  CHOI+SHINE

The Lace can be experienced near and far.  Once a glowing lacy object from afar, the Lace slowly grows as it gets near and reveals its patterns, textures, detail and secrets of how it is constructed.

Photo © 2016 Janus van den Eijnden

The Lace was intended to create spatial experience.  Not only it is a three dimensional artwork designed to be viewed in all directions, the Lace creates a space for the viewers to occupy the art.

A familiar historical object in unusual scale in levitation creates a sense of frozen moment.  The Lace hence creates an atmosphere that seemingly belongs to other world in other times.

Photo © 2016  CHOI+SHINE

Photo © 2016  CHOI+SHINE

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