Cambridge MA. Proposed 2010

A boutique hotel proposal with a flexible program that converts typical guest rooms into long term furnished apartments. While taking advantage of the corner site, the building is composed of four slender pencil towers forming light shafts and courtyards in between, resulting all guest rooms to be corner units. Fiber glass exterior wall panels are designed to achieve crenelated facade and they are mirrored in interior walls as well, creating a highly sculpted and integrated indoor space, while bringing the outside in.

View from Massachusetts Avenue

Massing study model

Basement level floor plan

Ground level floor plan

Typical guest floor plan

Typical unit study model

Perspective view showing ground floor retail

Perspective view showing ground floor lobby area

3 panels x 6 stories wall assembly

Initial sketch of wall units  and fenestration

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

Two solid precast fiberglass panels in mirror image (below)  are paired and adhered back-to-back to create a wall assembly unit.  Wall units can be cut to size to incorporate windos (above). Once installed, wall units compose exterior and as well as interior finish surfaces.

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D





Exterior panels

Wall unit system

Interior panels

Window  panels

Solid  panels

Wall assemblies

Unfolded elevation

Perspective view of the facade