Typical tubular structure

Initial sketches showing elevational & planar arrangement of Bamboo Tower

The Bamboo Tower examines the design of well known single pole transmission tower structure. Existing single pole designs routinely integrate all of the lines’ structural supports in one vertical pole, which results in a simple, yet bulky vertical member that is visually pronounced and dominant in the landscape. This design divides the single, large pole into multiple vertical elements, each of which supports an individual insulator, while creating a light and sculptural structure. A group of six intricate linear elements are arranged in a circular plan, enabling overall structure to be varied in form when viewed in different angles.  A seventh vertical member supports a ground wire.  The design was a proposal for the power transmission company, Landsnet in Iceland in 2013.

Top view showing circular arrangement of Bamboo Tower

Elevations of the Bamboo Tower viewed from different angles

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