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The Open Book

European Union  

European Commission - Global Gateway

October  -  November, 2022  

Real World:    

University of Bucharest, Romania

Solaris Mall Center, Tallinn, Estonia

University of Milan, Italy

Universidad Autonoma De Madrid, Spain

City Hall Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

IGG Malzfabrik mbH, Berlin, Germany


Virtual World:

The Global Gateway Metaverse

European Commission


Jin Choi and Thomas Shine


Anton Der Kinderen

Education should be accessible to everyone. Education brings equality. The project poses a question; how do we achieve this together?

The project pulls you to enter; opening the blank and glowing pages of the book. The touch of a finger on the page prompts the reaction on the book*. Your interaction with the blank page is being communicated. Against glowing blank page, the presence and the interaction of audience are the part of the artwork, being staged as if in a shadow play, as a symbol of an illuminating book open to everyone to be enlightened.

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Sketches for The Open Book: Multiple views showing possible arrangements of multiple books

Anyone can enter and open the glowing pages. The very act of opening the book, our engagement in making a difference is an important part of the message of the project.

By opening the book and turning the pages, the spaces in between become passages or sometimes small rooms to gather. Our exploration in the landscape of the book symbolizes our journey to knowledge, through which we can come closer to more equal and brighter society.

Photo credit: Gilbert Garcin

Sequential view from 

Global Gateway Metaverse

Seven European countries brought together by art. The EU’s Campaign through public art launched in real space as well as in virtual space. The Metaverse in Global Gateway provides a platform for experiencing  digital exhibition in  virtual space while exploring urgent questions Europe is facing  together; climate, connectivity, health, and education.

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