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The Line

Amsterdam Light Festival 2018 - 2019


 Diana Vishneva’s Dance, Beauty in motion. Mohamed Ghareb, Tanoura Dance.

The light creates an illusionary space this creature inhabits, distorting our perception of familiar space. The spot light shining on the metallic cables and silicon wafer beads makes a stark contrast with the dark water and sky and heightens the sense of ethereal space and time.

When the visible light fades to UV light, the volumes become flaben. The dimensional and perspectival information is erased and a sudden bright cut-out in the dark sky appears as if there is a flash of lightning frozen in the moment. This unexpected halt in motion and interruption in our sensory space creates a surprise and contributes to the memory of the place and time.

The Line is a series of suspended sculptures over the canal made of multistrand electronic cables and reflective beads. The lifeless industrial object will be awaken by the sound of the everyday in Amsterdam. The Lines slowly starts to rotate then gracefully dance to the Westerkerk bells and the Westertoren carillon.

The Material used for The Line, electronic cables and raw silicon chips, is immediately recognizable. We acknowledge that they are used for communication, computation and transferring information for electronics and digital media. Even before it performs its function, the mere presence of the material itself become the representation of digital media and starts to convey the message. This aspect of the project relates to the theme: the artwork without content or apparent formal association transmits a message in its entirety.

When The Line starts to move, it starts to engage an active communication of its message. It starts to form a volumetric body that constantly transforms with its varying speed. The combination of pivotal rotation and vertical jumps create an illusion of a live creature hovering mysteriously in the air and dancing gracefully in dark. Seeing an imaginary creature which seems to belong to a different world interacting with the real ;me of ‘now’ in the city, breaks the spatial boundary between our imaginary world and the place we live in. The Line hopes to make people anticipate unexpected events throughout the day, brightening the routine repetition of their everyday life.

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