Conceptual Image: Repeatition and Reflection, Mirrored Image.


Cohasset, MA. Completed 2014

The linearity of this long and narrow site was emphasized to visually expand the space and attract the users and passersby to the interior of the salon.

This was achieved by creating symmetrical mirrored space on central axis with the use of linear ceiling recesses and display recesses along the side walls, accentuated with lights.

The reflectivity of the ceiling and floor materials visually heightens the space while the light color of these surfaces obscures the shadow to achieve an light and airy atmosphere within the long and narrow space.

The use of monochromatic tones for the materials and finishes unifies the elements and keeps the space open and simple. Thin brown top surfaces resting on white solid built-in furniture visually simulates a thin coat of chocolate on a marshmallow, which oftens the strict order of symmetry and brings femininity into the space.  Thin layer is revealed in contrasting color to heighten the sense of lightness and evoke the feeling of levitation.

Conceptual Image: Soft Coating

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