クリスタル ジェリー



Erasers leave dust on a paper after each use.  The eraser dust covers the writing/drawing surface which becomes a hindrance for continued task.  The dusts can be blown away or pushed off to the side by hand, but this could result in making markings and smudges on the paper, or making a mess with scattered dust on the writing surface.  The Crystal Jelly eraser enables users to neatly brush the eraser dust away from the work and collect them off the writing surface without smudges or mess.


A jellyfish (Crystal Jelly in particular, as pictured) combines translucent volume and linear elements into a simple yet delicate form.  It seems to be a perfect form to borrow to combine an eraser with a brush.

As we studied Crystal Jelly, it seemed even more fitting to the concept we had in mind, which is to create an useful object that responds to the light and further, emphasizes the light by capturing and reflecting it on the surface it stands.  This contributes to the visual lightness of the object, creating an unexpected encounter with a delicate and beautiful creature hovering on your desk.

1. Printed solid white pattern on the interior surface

2. Integrated bristles

3. Translucent Plastic Eraser







Top View

Side View



Material and Finish Study

With each use, the form of the Jelly changes.  Naturally, the bigger curvature on top is more suitable for erasing bigger areas and the smaller for the detailed work, but one can re-create its form by using surfaces selectively.  

After a while, the surfaces get chamfered and bristles fall.  Unlike many other stationary objects like scissors, sharpeners and staplers which stay with us for a long time, the jelly eventually diminishes.  This ephemerality (非永久性) magnifies the memory of the beauty and brings poetics (詩想 - 物の哀れ) to the object.

Use of top area only

Diagram showing continuous use of selected areas

Use of sides only

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