Floor Plan

A. Manicure Area 

B. Drying Station 

C. Pedicure Area 

D. Waiting Area 

E. Spa Room 

F. Reception 

G. Staff Area

Melrose, MA. Completed 2011

Upon entering the spa, clients are exposed to the layers of spaces without obstruction.  The clear division of different functional areas and well-defined circulation create a sense of order and provide ease of orientation while maintaining the openness of the space.

The visual illusion is intended to achieve softness and lightness by incorporating a reflective ceiling that visually extends the jewel-like light fixtures. The super graphic, a Choi+Shine designed custom wall paper is used selectively to create an illusionary depth or to emphasize the depth of the space.  Patterned walls are strategically located to become a back drop of a staged area or an anchor point along the visual axis.  For instance, the pattern continuously wraps around two walls and the ceiling in the pedicure area to define the space, whereas the walls are blurred with light to visually extend their boundary.

The idea of the spa came from a pin striped silk blouse.  The softness of the material suggests a strong femininity as well as a sense of luxury.  The reflectivity of the material in conjunction with the stripe pattern creates a visual illusion, obscuring the depth and scale of the space.

Graphic work designed by Choi+Shine for custom printed wall paper.

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