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Jin Choi and Thomas Shine


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Steel Fabrication

Shaw Welding (Boston)

3D Printing

Digits2Widgets (London)

Assembly Crew (Boston)

Jin Choi

Thomas Shine

Eunhye Yoon

Sunah Jung

Page Choi

Heesoo Kim

Heesuk Cho

Carlos Arevalo

Willie Murcia

Installation Crew (Sharjah)

Thomas Shine

Jin Choi

Liam Fraiser

Al Majaz Amphitheater Stage Crew



Chetan Makwana  

Special Thanks to 

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi

His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed al Qasimi

Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival High Committee

Sharjah Art Museum

Farah Qassim

Nahla Alawahdi


Kathryn Antman

Peggy Baker

Lynn Berndt

Heather Bogart

Jennifer Brigham

Sophie Cho

Yuna Cho

Jin Choi

Pat Cooper

Katie Duane

Susan Fix

Patty Foley

Nancy Gambill

Debbie Gates

Annette  Hynes

Cheryl Jansen

Peggy Kaney

Lidia Karabinech

Mary-Jean Kelehan

Tahira Kathleen Kobreek

Sofia Kyle

Hyokyung Lee

Sharry Lee Gregory

Corey Meier

Mariette Meijaard

Patti Murphy

Jean Nunn

Peihan Orestes

Kristen Perez

Julia Pierce

Lynne Provost

Prabha Ramakrishnan

Jenny Richie

Holly Rife

Hillary Robertson

Miriam Robinson

Scarlett Shaw

Dianna Smith

Mary Tokumaru

Micaya Vance Clymer

Natalie Weichel

Liz Wu

Above: One of the pattern instructions showing the overall dimensions and sequence.


The Flying Mosque forms consist of hand crocheted fabric panels,  each fastened to lightweight preformed structure to create the geometrical volumes.

The design development involved pattern development for the crochet and designing and fabricating the frame structures.

Once the design of each pattern was completed,  the pattern was drawn in CAD to accurately incorporate the material’s dimension and method of crochet.   The drawings were then distributed to the crocheters with the instructions and diagrams along with the crochet materials.

Making of the lace  was a very important aspect of the project.  Crocheters from throughout the US, Canada and the UK shared their questions and progress with photos and comments on a dedicated social media page.  This quickly formed a strong community with members supporting each other with mutual interest and shared goal under a pressure from a highly restrictive time schedule.

Once the completed work from each volunteer was shipped to our studio in Boston, where the assembly work started.  Hand stitching the lace pieces with Dyneema thread was a physically challenging work due to the size of crochet lace, while connecting hand crochet works from many different authors became a  tricky puzzle.

Right: Photos from crocheters:

Patti Murphy, Anette hynes, Mariette Meijaard, Peihan Orestes, Mary tokumaru, Patty Foley


The assembled lace and the frames were shipped to Sharjah, while the nylon connectors were 3d printed in London and shipped directly to the site in Sharjah.  The site, the Al Majaz Amphitheater, is on an artificial island in Sharjah.  The support truss structure was installed on the helipad on the island for suspension of the artwork. 

For the site assembly, the frames were first assembled with connectors on the ground.  Then, the lace membrane was attached to the frames and hoisted up to the final height at the designated position.   The panels and structure are suspended with cables which are fasten to secure structural anchors holding the forms in place. 

The hand crocheted fabric shells are constructed of marine grade double braided polyester cord, illuminated by multiple spot lights, creating an evenly lit, glowing structure. 

A typical individual geometric form from the Flying Mosque is only a meter or two wide, but the collective arrangement of the work occupies an area of 10m x 30m.

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