Dandelion Towers: Proposal for Norway


3rd Place Winner, Invited Competition 2016

Engineering: ARA Engineering, Iceland

This project transforms electrical transmission towers into public art.  By employing a mesh enclosure, the towers resemble dandelions in a field.  The Dandelion towers can stand alone, or work as a group to separate the loads. The slender body of the shafts and transparency of the enclosure mimic the visual harmony found in nature.  This creates an illusion of gravity and weight and distorts our sense of materiality and scale, transforming industrial infrastructure into relatable poetic objects in the landscape.

Geodesic Dome by Buckminster Fuller, Mondreal Canada

Above: Early Sketches ©Jin Choi 2014

Phaeodaria by Ernst Haeckel  1904

Right: Variations of mesh patterns and insulators configurations

Dandelion Towers: Proposal for Norway

Dandelion Towers with night illumination

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