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Proposal For Discovery Green

Houston, TX - 2017

This project is inspired by dandelions, which are enclosed yet light weight, delicate and open. Their textured and permeable surface interacting with light creates openness, while the pattern’s mathematical repetition brings visual rhythm and harmony. Their form is inherently soft, with a transparency and visibility that changes depending on the ambient light.

The wind disperses a dandelion’s seeds, eroding the form as it separates the flower into its elemental components, marking the flower’s maturity at the end of its metamorphosis.

This project mimics a dandelion’s orderly, repetitive pattern and forms, with minimally structured spheres covered with an intricate, hand made crocheted lace patterns, reminiscent of the plant’s delicacy and intricacy. The crochet surface patterns is festive, geometric and tranquil.

This project achieves a visual harmony between nature and the man-made environment, and between the firmly grounded masculine cityscape and the glowing feminine artwork. The project also references a dandelion’s response to the wind, with individual floating seed sculptures drifting and mirrored above water enticing viewers to discover their source. The floating seeds signify the individuality of the people who form the whole, symbolizing the end of the original form but importantly, the beginning of next generation.

The Dandelions are kinetic, responding to the wind or the viewers touch, while their shadows slowly rotate. The suspended seeds will sway with the wind as if they are pendulums without visible connection or the cable. The rhythmic and repetitive movement of the Dandelions alter one’s sense of time and contributes to the tranquil and silent poetry of the sculpture.

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