Stoughton, MA. Proposal 2014


Utilizing the exsiting building envelope and the penetration, the design seeks to find a contemporary image for the expanded new practice.  The program requires to expand the exsiting office into the neighboring tenant space and the layout calls for a seamless spatial organization with exsiting entry and lab space.

The linearity of a long corridor was emphasized with intricate linear elements such as light fixtures and repetitive skylights providing visual expansion of the space as well as marking the individuality of each space.  These elements also contribute to the warm, bright and open atmosphere of the new office.   The lobby and patent rooms in particular, the combination of artifitial and ambient natural light creates ideal lighting condition for treatment, while it provides soothing and welcoming environment for the patients.

Lighting Modules  At Treatment Rooms

Lighting Modules  At Reception Area

Overall Lighting Scheme

Lighting Modules  At Corridor