Photomontage of ARIZONA!

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November 2018

Scottsdale, Arizona

ARIZONA!  was selected for the 2018 Canal Convergence in Scottsdale Arizona.


ARIZONA! is an abstraction of the wind and waters of Arizona.

The movement of the wind and water through time has carved out a giant land art, the state of Arizona.  No other place has such breathtaking and overwhelming natural beauty that continues to evolve. The project aims to capture this dynamic  fluidity and continuity at a monumental scale, expressing the forces of creation as an underlying power of this place, a majestic artwork in itself, Arizona.


Arizona has an intimate connection to water.   The lack of water only increases the visibility of water’s immense power.   The invention of canal system, a great human intervention to create a livable space, celebrates water as a source of life and our conquest over nature.   ARIZONA! interacts with the canal, while integrating the land and people around it, lifting them all as the wind.


ARIZONA! consists of a translucent band of illuminated lace that seemingly begins and ends, takes off and lands while the lace’s shadows and reflections repeats this meandering movement in reverse, completing the loop into infinity.

Photomontage of ARIZONA!

Interaction with the city, people and nature

ARIZONA! creates a sense of place with an intricate and calm yet powerful elements of nature. The mysteriously glowing ribbon of lace intertwining with the canal in the heart of city creates a site specific sculpture that is unique to Scottsdale. The lace symbolically weaves different people and cultures, while physically, the openings in the surface create patterns of light against the sky, water and city, a juxtaposition of a permeable surface on different visual layers.

Generally, lace is small in scale, and often private, used as an embellishment for a special celebration. Shown in a large scale in a public place, this lace creates a sense of surprise which contributes to the memory of the space. The softly glowing, hovering lace ribbons create visual poetry celebrating the triumphant Arizona Canal which led to the creation of many communities including Scottsdale.

Site Plan of ARIZONA!

ARIZONA! is designed to interact with natural light during the day and glow when illuminated at night. The mysteriously glowing large lace ribbons create a sense of magic with their dynamic movements frozen, emphasizing the stillness of the sculpture with an ethereal and quieting nature. The mirrored reflections on the canal complete and enclose the form of the entwined ribbons, a mirage that further defies the notion of time and gravity.

During the day, the crocheted surface of ARIZONA! reflects, absorb and retransmit sunlight. In the morning or late afternoon sun, the ribbons appear as glowing, translucent objects. During the full day sun, the lightweight and yet huge lace ribbons cast intricate, patterned shadows, creating both a pleasant visual experience and a second reading from the overlapping lace patterns.

Photomontage of ARIZONA!

The swirls of ARIZONA! creates walls and canopies of laces bending and overlapping to engage spaces within that can be occupied. Some of these spaces are narrow passages that are compressed in increasing anticipation of the release, which leads to an enclosure that affords a view through the other layered spaces and their veiled occupants.

If you would like to participate in the crocheting or the assembly of ARIZONA!, please fill out the form below:

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This arrangement creates interesting theatrical relationships between the seeing and the seen. Visitors inside the meandering folds of ribbons are staged as part of the artwork while viewers outside will become spectators of

the artwork’s occupants. This relationship is reversed when the occupants see the city and the people outside the sculpture framed as artwork, captured in each openings of the lace.


Seeing these out of scale, unexpected lace ribbons intertwined with the canal and the bridge causes the viewer to stop and gaze. This momentary pause of our routine provides an opportunity to  find the poetry around us, in Arizona!

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